Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

If you prefer not installing a hard water softener system, you can always get yourself the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher. The product is a USA brand and has an eco-friendly recyclable construction. Not only is the pitcher affordable but practical as well. You can enjoy contaminated-free water to drink throughout the day.

Design of the Water Filter Pitcher

For durability and sustainability, the Aquagear is a good water filter made out of BPA-free plastic. The materials used to construct the jugs FDA approved and environmental-friendly. The screens durable compared to other water filter carafes in the same price range.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Fluoride
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Fluoride

You can use it with the same screen for up to four months before it needs replacement. For many users, this is beneficial and saves you money. Another benefit is the filtration systems effective at removing chlorine, mercury, chromium, fluoride, and chloramines.

While removing contaminants, it maintains healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium giving it a better taste. One more advantage is the filters recyclable as well. All you need to do is contact Aquagear to return it with the shipping label provided.

Main Features

  • You get a premium design to keep your body sustainable and healthy as it is made in the USA
  • The product has a BPA-free design and approved by the FDA
  • Further, the filter exceeds the NSF Standards 42 & 53 to help with contaminant reduction
  • The filter removes lead and copper among other impurities
  • Comprise a triple filter that cleans up to 150 gallons of water and lasts up to three months
  • Removes most pollutants such as lead, fluoride, mercury, chlorine, and more
  • The five-stage filter has two-micron pores to protect you and your family from toxins in the water
  • You get a lifetime guarantee, and the screen is recyclable

The pitcher offers you up to eight cups or 0.5 gallons of water and not too large. You will have to refill it up to twice a day. Furthermore, the water filtration works better when the filter is new, but after a month of use it takes up to three hours to purify the same volume of water.

Another fantastic reason to buy it is the lifetime warranty included and will get a free replacement.

What You can Expect Using the Filter Pitcher

The filters are NSF-approved and very efficient at what it is supposed to do and that is clean water. The sieve reduces copper and lead from water. The cartridge comprises of three filter mediums that remove contaminants in the water. Each pass through the filter has a high capacity.

While it removes contaminants, it also blocks other impurities from gaining access to the water. These toxins are chlorine, lead, chloramines, chromium, fluoride, and more. The smallest layered filter in the sealed unit is two-micron pores. Any particle larger than two-microns does not enter your drinking water.

The process is usually only achieved by using reverse osmosis in house water filters. The item maintains good minerals and keeps the healthy ones intact providing you with a higher mineral intake. The filtration system can filter up to 150 gallons of water one single cartridge. Depending on your water consumption, it can last up to 3-months.

Why Should You Buy It?

Why Not Buy

  • The filling time is slow and the more you use the filter, the slower it gets
  • Not huge and only has a small capacity so you will be refilling it with water throughout the day
  • There is no reminder that the filter needs changing

Customer Feedback

When it comes to buying the best water filter pitcher, customers cannot stop talking about the Aquagear model. Many consumers had mixed feelings about the product, but all of them agree the items designed well. Everyone loves the waters taste and is even better than drinking bottled water.

As mentioned before the biggest complaint from users is how slow it is and the longer you use it, the slower it gets. People do not want to wait for fresh water to fill a water bottle before heading out to work. One client bought himself another one to speed up the process.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review 1

Another user compared it to their older Brita Model Filter and remains the best even if the water flow slows down.

Final Thoughts

If you want to prevent different contaminants from intoxicating your body, pick the Aquagear water filter pitcher to get the job done first time around. The filtration system removes chloramine that causes significant problems in your immune system. The chemical irritates the skin, digestive system, and more. Another toxin it removes is chromium a heavy metal that causes cancer to both animals and humans. So provide your family and pets with a healthy living lifestyle and invest in this water filtration jug today.

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