Are Water Filters Safe?: We are Drinking Water from Water Purifiers

We are Drinking Water from Water Purifiers, But the Question is Are Water Filters Safe?

 Majorly every Beverage company has made a good amount of money by selling “Filtered Water” claiming that the Filtered Water is Pure from Pristine Natural Resources.

Water Filters
Water Filters

Nowadays, a great part of the population of Developed Countries is drinking Filtered Water either from Buying the Water Bottle or By Home Water Filter.

When we talk about Filtered water the question arises in our mind, What is Filtered Water?

There is a Process of Water FIlteration through a System by which The Impurified Water is Purified by the Water Filters specifically invented for it. The Normal Water contains so many impurities that can make you Sicker than you can Imagine. Commercial Water Filters are specifically designed for the normal water or tap water that are available at your House, Your Building, Schools, and nearly everywhere.

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Many Water Filteration Systems are using Active Carbon to remove the bacteria like Microscopic level containments from The Impurified Normal Water. They Prevent unwanted toxic elements from entering the Purified water and thereby stop them from entering our Sensitive Human Body.

Given Below are some Healthy Benefits of Water Filters:

  • Healthy minerals like Magnesium, zinc, and Calcium are retained in Filtered Water.
  • Filters remove Heavy metals that can harm your body like Lead, Toxic elements, Pesticides, and Arsenic.
  • It also removes a big amount of Chlorine from the Normal Impurified Water.
  • Due to the Elimination of Bacteria and Impurities, The Purified Waters Tastes and Smells Better.
  • It protects the Body from the Diseases spread through the impurities in water.
  • Water filters help the body to stay healthy and Better.

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What is the Difference Between Filtered Water and Normal Water?

It is surely Advisable for you to Drink Water which is Filtered by Water Filters. Here is the DIfference:

  • Normal Water:
    • It has a high amount of Impurities.
    • Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Arsenic, Chromium, Lead, etc are present.
    • It can lead a person to serious Disease.
    • It contains Bacteria at a Microscopic Level.
    • It contains a high amount of chlorine in it.
    • Food and Lead Poisoning can happen due to the Impurified Water
  • Filter Water:
    • All the Impurities are Removed by the Filter.
    • Several Tests are performed At the Company to ensure Good Quality of Water.
    • Required Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc are Retained.
    • It leads one towards a Healthy Life.
    • Reverse Osmosis Process is used to Filter the Impurified Water.
    • The Ph Level of Water can be Controlled.

One should try it Before Buy it. It is recommended by Health specialist To drink clean Purified Water Rather than Open Impurified water. Filtered water can Increase the life-span of human Beings.

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