Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles – Sapphire review

Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles, Sapphire review

Brita Water Bottle Gives you a satisfying taste of the water. Brita Water Filter Bottle Purifies water, and it removes bad taste and odor from the water. It Reduces the Chlorine from water and Provides you a better taste.

Brita gives you a Premium material water bottle Filter, and when you feel hydrated. It gives you a Repalcebale Filter so how to change my own you will see in the further portion of the review.

Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles, Sapphire
Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles, Sapphire

You will get so many little things like feature in the Brita Premium Water Filter Bottle. Such as 25 Ounce Water Filling Capacity, Bottles are Cup Holder Friendly. You can choose your favorite colors from six color choices of the bottle.

Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles – Sapphire

Yes, One more thing which in terms of the plastic wastage. Each Filter that is used in the Bottle it replaces up to 300 Disposable Plastic water bottles. With each sip of you feel positiveness that you are not using bottle which goes into the plastic waste. Also, You can purchase insulated stainless steel material Brita Water Filter Bottle.

Specification of Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottles, Width, and Depth is the 3 Inches, and Height is the 10.50 Inches. Weight of the bottle is 0.55 lbs.

Where Can You use Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles?

Brita Water Bottle you can take anywhere with you. Let see some Design Freaks about the Brita water filter bottle.

Leak-Proof Lid – Now you get it to answer of where you can use it. The bottle is come up with the leak-proof lid so that you can take anywhere with you. The bottle does not leaks and Spills. So, You have now worry about the leaking if you put in the bag or you can put it aside.

Space-Saving Design – You can easily insert in the cupholder. Because it will give you a sleek and compact design which is perfect and suitable for a cup holder, you can get fil in the car cup holder, it looks lavish so take it with you in meetings. And if you want cold water then Pour and Adjust into the fridge too.

Secure Opening Lid – Flip the Lid and Cip the water. When you feel hydrate or thirst, You don’t have to look at your friend’s bottle, and you can flip the lid and drink water from them. From the office, Home or School, you can apply the same, just because of its compact design.

Safe Washable – You can use Dishwater to wash bottle. For Easy Cleaning Fill water and Dishwasher Mixture. Mix it by Shaking Bottel and the Rince it. Now Fill Clear Water and then Rince with it. Now Your bottle is clean enough how you can wash it easily.

Features of the Brita 36385 Premium Water Filter Bottles

You need to spend around 20 dollars to purchase Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottles, so you have a right to see which features you will get. Following Features, you will get in Brita Water filter Bottle.

BPA – Free Material

Brita Water Bottle is made with the BPA Free material. Plastic that used to make Bottle it is BPA Free. Some plastic contains the BPA material in their manufacturing ingredient. It is harmful if they produce the product for household use, then it is detrimental to use. Here you are safe to use Brita Water Bottle.

Easy Sip Straw

You can easily sip with the Straw. The straw of the bottle is attached to the container. Just open the cap and sip from the Straw. It is Easily Enclosed with the Bottle. So you don’t have to open the complete cap of the bottle, Directly from Straw Sip the water.

Carrying Loop

Carrying Loop of the bottle is in-built. You can easily carry out this bottle. It is easy for you to pick up the bottle in your hand. You can trap the Carrying loop in your hand then pick it up. There is no chance to drop it from yours. For safe handling the bottle you will get built-in Carrying Loop in the Brita Filter. This Carrying Loop is non-removable From the water bottle.

Hard-Sided Plastic

The plastic of the Bottle is hard-sided, and we know it is BPA Free too. So it is robust enough and for small strikers doesn’t damage anything in a bottle. Hard Side of the bottle gives you durability in use. Don’t Worry about Brita Water Bottle Quality in terms of Durability, Robustness, and Purification of water.

26 OZ capacity

You can fill 26 Ounce of the water in the bottle. Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottles having a 26 Oz Capacity.

Compatible in Cup Holder

Compact Design of the water bottle is fit in the cupholder easily. You can fit in the Car Holder. On any of space, you can use it.

Includes 1 Replaceable Filter

When you purchase Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottle, With the package you will get one Replaceable Filter with it. You can replace it as the above-suggested steps.

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How to Change Filter in Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottles

For 40 Gallons of water, or 151 liters it filters. One filter needs to replace after the 40 Gallons of water, and In between, this Filter won’t harm anything about contamination removal and anything else.

If you don’t remember the how much gallons water you have filtered or the date when you have last replaced then Brita offers you Automatic Reminder which comes as a text message on your registered mobile number.

Generally, 40 Gallons for Water Filteration or 2 Months after when you change it in last time. Whichever Comes First you need to replace the filter at that time.

So, here we are going to see, once 40 gallons of water is filtered, Now its time to change the filter of the bottle. How can we change the filter? Following Steps will Help you to improve the Brita Filter in Brita 3638 Premium Water Filter Bottles.

Step – 1: Fill the Strong Stream water In the Bottle and Rince it. Energetically Rince it for First 15 Seconds.

Step – 2: Eject Gently a water filter from bottle Filter insert point. Now You need to Strike water on the screen, Strike Like it Covered all of the sides of the Filter. You can directly strike on the Carbon Filter so it can be Wash out the carbon particles that are loosely coupled with filter.

Step – 3: Bottle Filter is covered with the Filter Straw. Now you need to insert the filter into the Filter Straw. Smoothly insert into the straw. Note that you have to enter into the Straw completely, Black Carbon filter bar does not see from the outside.

Step – 4: Now Attachment point is integrated into both, One is in the bottle lid and another in the Filter Straw. Reattach it with the lid of the Bottle. With Simple Twisting it to the right, It will lock.

Step – 5: Now, Bottle that we have washed, You need to Pour the water into it. Here, you can see Max Fill Line, and you have to fill it as straight to this line. Close the lid and Start Drinking Filtered water from Brita Premium Filter water.

We have seen how to change the filter, Along with let see how to wash Brita Water Bottle.

To Clean up the water bottle you can use dishwater, Material of the Water Bottle is Dishwasher Safe. Or you can use your hand also to clean the water bottle.

Before you touch the bottle to clean up the water bottle, you need to eject filter from it. All of the plastic components which are safe if you use a dishwasher in that. In Bottle pack Lid of the bottle and Bottle itself is plastic made so you can use Dishwasher to clean it up.

Question and Answer Related to Review

1. Is Brita Water Bottle Filter is TSA Approved?

First, let us know about what is TSA. It is the Administration control agency, which gives you certification or approvement on your product. Plastic that you have used in the Product it is not Harmful.

Now Move on to the main question. So, Answer is yes. For Saving Environment There are many Water Filling Station. So plastic bottle which is disposable that used to recycle. But you need to empty your bottle when you are going for TSA Checkpoints.

2. What does it Filter?

You know that Water Filter Bottle is reduced the Chlorine from the water. Eventually, you will get significant testing of water. It reduces the Bad odor and Taste of water.

Apart from chlorine, it removes the Class IV Particles from Water such as Cloudiness, Debris, Rust, Sand, Dirt, and Sediment, which creates a bad smell. Class IV Particles that are greater than 50 Microns in Size.

3. What if Brita Bottle Cracks or Breaks?

It happens, you are stuck in some unfortunate circumstances and bottle is fall in solid surface and you get cracks and breaks from the bottle.

So in case of water bottle damages than don’t worry, form maintenance side you have one year of warranty. And you can return it to our team, within 30 days after purchase. It is unconditional, but we send you all your money back. We offer you a 100% Money back.

Where the bottle is not in warranty still, we have to give you a warm response from our side. So, How to contact Brita, You have various contacts option to reach us. You will see further, which are that.

4. Can I Recycle Brita Product?

Brita is Partnered with TerraCycle, Which helps to create recycling programs for Brita Products like Dispensers, Bottles, Pitchers, Faucet Filters. With Reclying you can Give a new life to the water filter.

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How to contact Brita?

In Case you need help from Brita then what you can do from your side to contact Brita Customer Service.

We Provide you lots of How-To Videos for your help. You will get your Answers of How-To, Mainatainace, and Care of the product. All of that answer you will understand which is related to the Pitcher, Water bottles, Replacement of Filters, Dispensers and Faucet System. You will find this section in the Product Section of the Brita.

Through Email, you will reach to Brita. Monday to Friday, In Working Hours you will get Your answer to your query and question.

Support on Twitter. Yes, you read, write. You can Tweet your problem on twitter by tagging Brita. You can use @BritaUSA to hit the Tweet.

Call Brita. Monday to Friday in Between Working Hours of 9:00 AM to 5:30 AM. The number is Tall Free you can call it Directly.


Fill the Water in Brita Water Filter Bottle, tighten the strip on your hand, and sip the water when you fill hydrated. Carry out the bottle with you anywhere. When the container is empty, you have to find the safe water source and load from it. Water is filtered out, and you will get pure water.

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