Can Water Filter Remove Lead Present in Water?

Water Filters can purify the Normal Water, But Can Water Filter Remove Lead Present in Water?

Everyone Knows about Water Filters Nowadays. Some of the Americans Have Installed Lead Pipes and Solder in the Tap Water making it Toxic like Elements.

Water Filter
Water Filter

You can have so many diseases by consuming a small amount of lead Daily. You must not Drink directly from the Tap Water as It can Harm you in so many ways. Diseases like Lead Poisoning can happen to anyone with Low Immunity System.

You will be happy to know that Lead particle Present at a Microscopic level can be Removed by Water Filters. But Make Sure that Water Filters Really Removes the Lead Present in the Impurified Water.

Last Year in One of the Newark’s Populated City, The Lead Particles were Increased in the Ground Water, So Local Municipality has distributed water filters among the Citizens. When the reports of the Test came, it was concluded that 2 of the 3 Houses have a Huge amount of Lead in it.

Several Tests are being Performed on Water FIlters before they Reach the Distributors. But it is the customer’s Concern to check the Lead Impurities At the interval of 3-4 Months.

What should you Check Before Buying a Water Filter?

The customer should check Several Things Before Purchasing a Water Filter. That Includes:

  • The Lead Particles should not exceed 15 ppb(parts per Billion) in the Purified Water.
  • Evaluate the Impurified Water at your Home and find a Suitable Water Filter accordingly.
  • Buy a Product with Registered Certificate.
  • You should check the TDS level of your Kitchen’s Tap Water.
  • Water Filter must purify the Normal Tap Water.
  • The filter must be Recycled after the Replacement.

These are the things that you should keep in mind before Buying a Water Filter. The popular companies like Brita, Pur, RO systems.

One should Buy Water Filters containing RO(Reverse Osmosis) System, Activated Carbon Filteration, or Distillation FIlters.

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