Express Water 10-Stage Alkaline Water Filtration Review

Express Water 10-Stage Alkaline Water Filtration Review

When you see the different reverse osmosis system online, you can expect different filtration systems from five to seven available. However, when you look at the Express Water Alkaline Filtration System, you get up to ten stages of purification taking place.

Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Filtration System 10 Stage RO Mineralizing Water Filter
Express Water Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Filtration System 10 Stage RO Mineralizing Water Filter

Now with all these stages, your water must be worth gold, right. The truth is it might not be that grand, but with the additional steps, you get 99% pure water to drink. The alkalizing system removes the acidity and adds healthy minerals to give it a better taste.

So how does the system work and is it worth buying? Let us see and find out!

Design of the Express Water Filtration System

When you look at the Express Water System, it may seem complicated to install. The fact is it is larger and weighs more, but is stress-free to install. The filtration unit measures 17.25 high and is 15-inches wide with a depth of 5-inches.

Main Features

  • You get a fast flow rate of 0.8 GPM and produces 100 gallons of pure water
  • The filters are double sealed for the best filtration
  • Comes with a leak stop valve that shuts off the system when detecting excess water
  • You get the sediment, carbon block & granular carbon filter, RO membrane, alkaline filter, and post activated carbon filter included
  • Backed by a year warranty

The storage tank takes up to four gallons of water, and the entire system offers you 100 gallons per day. Depending on the amount of water in the tank, the water pressure is 40-80 PSI. All the modules labeled and put together showing you where everything goes to make the installation process more straightforward.

Further, you do need to remember that the filters need replacing once a year. However, the membrane does last longer and will need switching out. A fact is if you want mineralized water this is the best reverse osmosis system to have. Even while it is a 10-stage filter, it only has six stages that clean the water to remove contaminants.

The filters included are as follows:

  • Standard sediment filters to remove large particles and prevents the filters from clogging up.
  • Carbon & Granular Carbon Filter providing the 2nd and 3rd filtration stage for removing chlorine.
  • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane is the workhouse that removes thousands of different contaminants.
  • The Alkaline Filter makes up part of the 5th to the 9th stage that adds minerals back into the water.
  • Lastly is the post-carbon filter that is the final step to remove residues such as chlorine odor and taste in the water.

The unit is efficient to use as it only wastes up to two gallons of water for every gallon of clean water produced.

What Harmful Chemicals Does It Remove?

With the unique build of the Express Water ten-stage filtration system, it removes thousands of bacteria, viruses, and contaminants found in tap water. These range as follow:

  • Algae
  • Aluminum
  • Asbestos
  • Bacteria
  • Calcium
  • Cyanide
  • Fluoride
  • Magnesium
  • Zing and more

What Can You Expect Using the RO SYSTEM?

The RO unit has a flow rate of 0.8 gallons per minute and similar to the standard faucet in the home. Additionally, you get a year warranty included. Everything is color-coded to place the filters in the correct place. You need no extra tools unless you do want to drill a hole in the sink. The only maintenance is to change the filters and come with a quick connect design. With clear housing, you can easily see when the sieves need replacing.

What is in the box?

With your purchase, you receive the clear housing with pressure gauge and tank. All the hardware is available to make your installation a breeze, and it even comes with a wrench. The color labels and quick connect design shows you where to place the connections and filter. Further, it has a leak stop valve and feed adapter that fits most pipe sizes under the sink.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • You get clean filtered water in your home
  • Removes contaminants and adds the essential minerals back into the water
  • Value for money
  • Filters do not need to be replaced regularly
  • You get all the hardware included
  • Color coded to make installing the RO system easier

Why Not Buy

  • You may find the water has a mineral taste as the water sits in the mineralizer

Customer Feedback

According to consumers, the filtration systems worth every cent spent. The water tastes good, and you never run out of clean water throughout the day. Users who decided to install the system themselves said it did take some time to read the instructions and took some time to set up.

The filters you can buy anywhere and reasonably priced, but some users found the alkaline canister included useless. The reason is that when you open the tap for the first time the water tastes awful and best to run it through for a short while. One person mentioned removing the container and using the system without it.

Express Water 10-Stage Alkaline Water Filtration Review 1

Final Thoughts

If you want pH-balanced water with a good taste at an affordable price, nothing beats the Express Water Alkaline 10-Stage Filtration System. You get clean water running out of the tap and with the DIY kit you can have it up and working in no time. Instead of buying bottled water, start saving money today with this RO system—you will not be left disappointed.

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