Fleck 64k Water Softener Review

Fleck 64k Water Softener Review

The Fleck 5600SXT is a complete whole house water softening system with on-demand control. The unit works with an ion exchange process to remove calcium and magnesium in the water. The water softener will help extend the plumbing in your home as it has a 64,000-grain system.

Fleck 64k Water Softener
Fleck 64k Water Softener

However, this is not the only reasons why you should buy it. Read on and find out what makes the Fleck 64k water-filtering unit so unique.

The Build of the Fleck 5600SXT

The Fleck is a useful water softener that works with salt. The system works with a flow meter that measures the water consumption regenerating it as needed to help reduce wastage. The structure is pricey but worth the buy if you need a solid device that is effective when used.

Main Features

  • The tank has a 10-year warranty and the valve five years
  • Comes with a paddle wheel meter, square brine tank with safety float, and 16,000 to the 64,000-grain water softener
  • Equipped with pre-loaded resin available in a fiberglass mineral tank making installation simpler
  • Comprise a digital metered control head that is fully programmable and offers you an informative display
  • Comfortable to connect and all you need to do is add salt
  • The flow meter helps measure your water consumption and regenerates it as required
  • Include a bypass valve with a one-inch yoke connection

For one the equipment offers you convenience and is easy to use. You get a paddle wheel meter to enhance and improve the water dispersion. You will have to fill it up with one bag of salt and standard for a family of four. The included brine tank can hold up to four sacks if needed.

Further, you have different grain capacities available and range from 16,000 to 64,000 grain. To monitor the unit, you get an LCD with touchpad and controls.

What Does the Water Softener Remove?

One thing is for sure; it does a great job of getting rid of hardness in water. The ion exchange process removes magnesium and some low levels of iron. The units not made to discard the water of metal completely. Further, it does not remove sulfur and will need an air injection system to achieve this. You need to install the unit before placing the softener.

What Can You Expect Using the Fleck Water Softener?

First and most important you get a ten-year warranty on the tanks included. The valve has a five-year warranty, and both are useful if ever it does malfunction. Overall customers have no complaints about customer service and can count on their professional help. Further, you will have to flush it regularly as you can find consistent regeneration of resin taking place.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase

You get pre-loaded resin and saves you time once installed. Another component is the flow meter to measure the usage of the water. A fantastic thing is the flow meter regenerates by itself and saves you money spent on salt and waste. The only problem is they have loaded it with 8% resin. Installing is simple, and you get an exclusive service directly from the supplier. You can get an installation guide and video by emailing them.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • You get an exceptional warranty of five years on the valve and ten years on the tank
  • The paddle wheel meters upgraded and digital
  • Comes with a metered control head
  • You get the resin pre-loaded
  • Provides you with a massive capacity of grain and you can select your preferred size

Why Not Buy

  • They have not used the best adhesive and is only 8% while others make use of 10% resin
  • Only removes a meager amount of iron as it is not a filter
  • Does not remove sulfur
  • Expensive

Customer Feedback

The Fleck 64K comes highly recommended by users online. There were no complaints related to installation and use of the meter included. Figuring out to use it was simple according to many consumers; however, the most critical part is the volume of resin.

Fleck 64k Water Softener Review 1

Clients mentioned that the reading provided you with information on the gallons of water going through the system before it regenerates. Consumers recommend keeping it at 20 and it will renew the minimum amount of water consumed and depends on the model you have.

Final Thoughts

We know you may feel skeptical about buying the Fleck water softener online. However, do not fret as it has an extended guarantee in case anything does go wrong. Instead of spending hundreds, more on a local installation spend it on this device. You may need to buy some additional accessories such as a drain line and overflow tube, but remains one of the best hard water softener units available to purchase. Try it out and start noticing the difference with your skin, washing, and dishes—you will thank them.

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