Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener Review

Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener Review

Are you facing hard water issues choosing the Fleck 9100SXT dual tank water softener system? You can use it at the home, industrial complexes, or office.

The dual tank construction ensures that you never run out of soft water and has a high flow rate. Further, it is efficient and saves you costs on salt and water usage.

You can use it to regenerate your whole house’s water making it softer to use.

The Build of the Fleck 9100SXT

One thing is for sure you can gain a lot using the 96,000-grain water system in the home. The system removes chemicals known to make water hard and works with ion exchange that works with salt. Further, it reduces the limescale build-up in appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Fleck WS-96k-91SXT 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener 96k
Fleck WS-96k-91SXT 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener 96k

With the dual tank design, it shares the load between each other to regenerate the water in the home. Each tank has a capacity of 96,000-grain and is one of the biggest available in our list of hard water softeners. The processing of the waters thorough and offers an excellent flow rate that stands at 20 GPM even when you flush the system.

Main Features

  • You get value considering the price as it provides you with double tanks and an LCD for ease of setup
  • The bypass valve is reinforced with fiber and has a polymer construction
  • Works with an ion-exchange process to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the water
  • You get a high grain capacity of 96k and fast flow rate of 20 gallons per minute
  • A significant positive is the on-demand flow meter that measures and regenerates water on your water used
  • You get all the hardware for installation included and offers you up to a ten-year warranty on the tanks, 5-years on the valve, and 30-day money back guarantee
  • The resin tank size is 14 x 65-inches, and it has a high capacity of resin at three cubic feet each

Each tank loaded with three cubic foot of resin give you a total of six cubic feet. Further, you can control the unit freely with the digital metered head with LCD monitoring and touch controls. The Fleck is one of the best water softener brands available. You can find smaller grains available in the collection as well.

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What Does The Water Softener Remove?

One thing you can count on using the Fleck is it removes all ions causing hard water. Furthermore, it eliminates the limescale buildup present in appliances as well. However, if you do need added filtration, you will need to mount one before installing the softener.

What Can You Expect From This System

The unique thing is the system regenerates the water used and not according to the timer. For you, this means it only cleans the water used. According to Fleck the resins lasts up to five years before you need to replace it. You get a five-year warranty on the head as well.

The tanks covered with a ten-year warranty and you get a 30-day money back guarantee included. Once the system is set up, you can expect a decrease in soap use for bathing, cleaning, and washing. Your skin will be softer, and the dishes look sparkly clean. Furthermore, the lifespan of home appliances and plumbing fixtures lengthened.

What Do You Get?

Another benefit of buying the Fleck 9100SXT softener is you receive everything for installing the system. One thing you must take note of is it does not have a space saving design and takes up a lot of room. Each resin tank stands 36-inches tall, and the brine tank holds up to ten bags of salt.

You get two resins and riser tubes each with their distributor baskets. Added to your purchase is the digital metered control head. The bypass valve has a reinforced polymer body. The regulator offers on-demand flow and attaches easily. With the pre-loaded resin, it is heavy and best to get help installing.

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Lastly, you get all the hardware needed to mount the device with the LCD monitor and touch control pad.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Has a high grain capacity with a continuous flow rate
  • Outstanding warranty and guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Made with a durable valve head and heavy duty to handle homes, offices, and industrial buildings
  • Makes the water softer and removes limescale

Why Not Buy

  • Expensive
  • Needs some extra room to install
  • Heavy so best to get help with mounting the hard water softener system

Customer Feedback

When reading the Fleck 9100SXT water softener system reviews, the outcomes positive. There are not many homeowner feedbacks as the product is expensive, but the ones available recommend the unit. Users are happy with their purchase and customer service.

Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener Review 1

They are quick to answer your questions and always willing to help where they can. The majority of people found it does an excellent job at softening water and the water tastes great.

Final Thoughts

The Fleck 9100SXT is a water softener system recommended to use in homes with up to five rooms and more. The dual tanks provide you with continuous regenerated water—so you will not run out of water or need to wait. Further, it does take up a lot of space and is on the heavy side, but worth every cent spent. Taking the price into consideration and the double amount of grain you can feel assured this product is worth a buy.

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