Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Replacement Filter review

Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Replacement Filter review

Frigidaire is Exported Product. It is used to replace the existing filter which is now worn out or needs to replace. PureSource 3 Water Filter removes contaminants from water, and then it gives you clean and safe water for drinking. It removes chlorine taste odor from water so you will grab high tasting water from Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Water Replacement Filter.

Flow Rate of the Frigidaire Water Filter is 0.5 GPM, and It is revised from 2009 Because Frigidaire is a manufactures a Side-By-Side Product Which is Compatible with Frigidaire Water Filtration System.

Frigidaire WF3CB Puresource Replacement Filter
Frigidaire WF3CB Puresource Replacement Filter

PureSource Filter Cartridge Remove Lead From water and for that, it has 53 Standard NSF Certificate. It also removes chlorine from water as well as Ice Cubes. In Short, it Removes terrible taste and odor of the Ice Cube and Refridgerator Water.

Frigidaire Recommended that Change the Filter for every six months, In Water Filtration System. So, you will get clean, Pure Great Tasting Water Whenever you need. You can use Frigidaire Water for Ice Production.

Not Only PureSouce Replacement But Every Frigidaire Filter is Genuine Water Filter. All of the Filters are with the Guaranteed Performance of the Water. There are many Filters which are compatible with the Refridgerator. Between all of these Water Filter Frigidaire Genuine Water Filter give you a Guarantee of the Clean and Safe Water, which you can use for drinking and cooking.

When you received your order of Replacement Filter, you will get in Kit including 1 Pack of Frigidaire WF3CB Replacement Filter, Batteries and Required Hardware.

PureSource is successful in making a place in the top ten in the category of Tools and Home Management Improvement and In-Refridgerator Water Filters. It is ranked at Number 8 and Number 3 respectively.

Specifications of PureSource Replacement Filter

Let’s See Product Specification of Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Replacement Filter.

  • When you purchase, it is packaged in the One Quantity in the Package.
  • Operating Temperature Range of the Filter Product is 33 F – 100 F, 0.6 C – 38 C
  • The capacity of Filtration for one Filter is 200 Gallons, Which is 757 Liter.
  • It is integrated with the LED Lights, So When Filter Needs Replacement, it is blinking. 
  • Installation Action is Simple, and With Simple push, Filter is locked with the Filtration System. 
  • Flow Rate of the Filter is 0.5 GPM, Means 1.9 Liters per Minutes. 
  • Working Pressure Range is 30 – 100 psi, 206.8 – 689.5 kPa
  • Side By Side Door Type is Followed. 
  • Length of the Water Filter is a 9 Inches. 
  • With Package of the system, it packaged with the Single Replacement Filter. 
  • Installation Type of the Filter is Back and Top-Right.

You can use Alternative Parts 242069601, 242086203, 242069603, 242294501, RENEWWF3CB, P242069601, SWF3CB.

Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Replacement Filter review 1

Which material is used to make a Filtration?

For Filter housing assembly manufacturer have used a Polycarbonate Plastic, For Tubing and Water Storage Tank Polyethylene Plastic Material is used. And For Filter Media Excluded Carbon Block is Used.

Some points you have to take care while you use PureSource Replacement Filter in your Refrigerator. As per Manual, we have derived some points which need to be followed for your Filteration System Health.

  • Replace Filter Cartridge On-time, and There are two benefits you will get if you replace the Filter part on-time. One is you will get clear, Great tasting and safe water all the time. Another is it will increase the lifetime of the Filtration System. So make a Reminder of 6 Months or After 200 Gallons of Water is Filtred. Whichever comes first in time change the existing filter with PureSource Replacement Filter.
  • If you are a first-time user of then refer the guide of maintenance. All of the General Operation and Maintainance Process is Defined in the User Manual. Refer and Apply it yourself it is easy to perform such general operation on Water Filtration System.
  • Now let’s see LED Lights Indicator Signs Which Help you to Replace the Filter. Three Different Lights are Blinking While Filter is in the Refrigerator. We will see One by one. 
  • When Filter is under the electric refrigerator at freezer door dispenser Yellow Light is Blinking, or In the Screen, You can See “ORDER.” At that time refer that Filter is almost over on its capacity you need to change it.
  • If there is RED light is Blinking, and Screen Says “REPLACE.” You must have to replace the filter.
  • To Reset the Indicator of Blinking Light, This operation you need to perform after replacement of the Filter Cartridge. At that time you have to press Indicator Button for At least 3 to 10 seconds, and then Indicator is Replaced now.
  • When you replace the Filter Cartridge, Flush this new cartridge for the first 4 minutes and then take it into the use.
  • Do Not use PureSouce WF3CB Replacement Filter in Microbiologically Unsafe or Water which Quality you don’t know. So, first, you should check your water supply quality by water Quality Meter and then you can use Replacement Filter for Water Supply. It Creates a problem on Filtration System, and the end product is infected, and it contains the filterable Cysts.
  • Testing Certification gets a basis on the local water supply. When Water is tested in the Laboratory, it will give you a result of the local water conditions and pressure. So when you try this filtration system in your domestic water, then you will get another consequence of the contaminant removal. For Example, if your local water supply contains high sentiments, then you need to change filter cartridge in numerous time.

How to Replace Filter in Refridgerator?

Before Purchasing You need to make sure that Replacement Filter is appropriately fit with the refrigerator. So how can you check it? Using a Model number of the Refridgerator and Replacement Filter. Yes, you need to verify that Refridgerator Model Number and Cartridge Model Number Should Be match.

Make Sure that ULTRAWF and WF3CB is a Different Product. WF3CB size is 9 inches, and ULTRAWF is longer than it.

Now Let’ Assume it is Both are matched with each other.

Step – 1: Find Filter Point in your Refridgerator, Which is resided at Freezer Door. Open that Filter Door.

Step – 2: With Gentle Psh, you can Remove Existing Filter Cartridge.

Step – 3: Remove FilterPackage.

Step – 4: Same WatyRw Refill you can insert with the Gentle Push.

That’s how you can change the Filter in Refridgerator. You can Use Replacement Filter in the Cold and Hot Water.

Which Contaminants is Removed By PureSource Replacement Filter? 

Water Contaminant, which is reduced by PureSource it is Indicated based on NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 Standard. They give you a result based on the concentration of contamination in water, which is less than or equal to the permissible level in the water.

They Tested in General Parameters Such as pH Value of water is 7.5 +/- 0.5, Temperature of the Water is 20 C +/- 3 C, and Pressure of the water is 60 psi.

PureSouce Replacement Filter is Tested and get Certified from NSF under the Health and Safety Code. So let’s see following contaminants, Which is removed by PureSource Replacement Filter.

Microbiological Contaminants in Water such as Cysts and Turbidity. Inorganic and Radiological Contaminants Such as Lead and Mercury. Organic Contaminants Such as Atrazine, Chlorobenzene, Lindane, Styrene, Toxaphene, 2-4 D, O-Dichlorobenzene, Tetrachloroethylene. For all of this Contamination Removal, it is get the 42 and 53 Standard Certificate of the NSF Standard.

There is Some Condition to use of Frigidaire PureSource Replacement Filter. Use Water of the Municipal and Well Applications. Water Temperature must be within the range of the 33 F – 100 F, 0.6 C – 38 C. And Followed Water Pressure, which is suggested in the Product Specification 30 – 100 psi.

Feature Highlights of the Frigidaire PureSource Replacement Filter

  • Certified with 42/53 NSF/ANSI Standard.
  • It filters for 6 Months or 200 Gallons of Water.
  • Made for Specific Side by Side Components.
  • Easy Installation, With Single Gentle Push you can Remove and Insert Filter

Frigidaire WF3CB PureSource Replacement Filter review 1

Questions and Answer Related to PureSource Replacement Filter Review

Here you will get all of the Answer which is headed in your mind. Some Question about Model Which are Compatible with the filter. Still, if you are confused with the Product, then you can contact Frigidaire.

1. Before Six Month Yellow Lights is indicated to change the filter?

Your Quota of 200 Gallons of water filter is about to over, That’s why it indicates the Yellow Light. Indicator records how much gallon water is filtered.

2. Does it fit with the Whirlpool ed4vhexvb01?

It is made for Frigidaire Side By Side Model, So it is not compatible with the Whirpool.

3. Is indicator light Integrated with the filter?

No, Light Indicator is Integrated into the Refridgerator. It is not the part of the Filter Cartridge.

4. It Filters Chromium-6 From Water?

It Filters out water from Charcoal Water, so it is not Reduce Chromium-6 From water.

Shipping Policy of Frigidaire

WF3CB PureSource is covered in the Shipping Policy of Frigidaire, Here the Shipping policy of all products.

If you Ordered over $25 of Frigidaire Product then in Continental U.S, it is Free, and For Alaska and Hawai Country it is charged $12.95.

When you ordered, and Bill is Raised under $25 the for Continental U.S it is $6.95 and For Alaska and Hawai Country it is charged $12.95.

If you receive any items defective or damaged, then return us on our store. We will replace or Refund for a particular product of Frigidaire. We respond within 90 days.

How to Contact Frigidaire?

If you are a first time user of the Frigidaire or any companies, then you don’t know much about the product. In case you find any Difficulties then here we provide you some contacting ways which you can use to reach us.

We are on Social Media Platforms so, Use these platforms, tag us we will revert with the solution of your question.

Call us on 1 800 374-4432, So You can use this toll-free number, Dial it in between 8 AM to 8 PM in Business Days Monday to Friday. And Send Email if you have not some Urgency to for your problem. We read all the Emails and reply with the satisfying answer.

Chat App is also open, and We have an expert to chat with you regarding Quick Questions, Troubleshooting problem of the filter. And You can also ask for a product which you can not find in our page or any Online Platform. We are happy to help you with all those questions which headed in your mind.


We conclude this review in the style of summary. So you will remember all the information which you have gain from the above review.

Start gives you some basic introduction about Replacement Filter. And then we moved on to Specification of the Product. Then there are some points which need to take care while you use PureSource Replacement Filter. We have seen how to change the filter in your Refrigerator. Which Contaminants it removes, which certification it has and then it Features highlights.

At last, we have covered some After Purchasing Service like Contact, Shipping Policy and Question/Answer related to PureSource.

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