LifeStraw Personal Water Filter reviews

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter reviews

Add one more travel partner, LIfeStraw Personal Water Filter. You take anywhere with you, it just blocks a little bit space in your backpack, and you can not feel the weight of the Ultralight Water filter.

Just think that you are going for tracking or any travel place where you find a hassle to get purified water, But in front of you will see pond water which touches your feet and you are thirsty enough.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

At that time as a savior of your thirst comes into the picture, The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter. It helps there to get purified water from the pond. Another application is for school kids if they are going for a picnic and even in school, they can use Lifestraw.

This is the praise of the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. But you know how to use? No then let’s see.

How to use LifeStraw?

When you are going to use LifeStraw first-time, Then it is dry initially. At that time you have to uncap from both sides.

Next, Stand up it is in the Safe Water, Wait for 20 Seconds. Now, take 5 quick sips from the mouthpiece. Water is flowing by this process.

Simple, You have to drink safe water without any contamination.

Note that, When you come back home after traveling or hiking, then the first thing to do with the LifeStraw is open both of the ends and dry it before you placed somewhere.

Same way, Like you sip for drinking water, You need to clean up regularly. To clean LifeStraw Regularly blow air in the Straw, It will clean, and it prevents the clogging.

How do you know that LIfeStraw Needs to be Replaced?

When you are going to sip the water, and then you cannot be able to sip, then this is the signal that water filter is expired now. And it needs to be replaced.

Now, you have a question that LIfeStraw which purify the water, it is clean enough? Yes Obviously, it is water filter you will get safe water which is filtered by LifeStraw.

How LifeStraw Works?

LifeStraw Water Filter Removes bacteria and parasites from water, and it filters in drinkable water. It prevents your health from many waterborne diseases.

You can directly clean up the water from Lakes, Ponds, and Streams. Just stand up LifeStraw and sip water, Easy you know.

In this thin and little straw-like filter how works? The Microbiological Hollow Fiber Membrane Filters are used to purify water up to 0.2 Microns.

These Filters removes 99.99% bacteria including Escherichia Coli, Vibrio Cholerae, and Salmonella Typhi,  99.99% of microplastics, and 99.99% parasites such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia Lamblia.

With this removal of bacterial, Parasites, Microplastics. It reduces the chance of the illness such as Dysentery, Diarrhea, and Giardia.

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Filter Specifications

We know that filter removes the bacteria, parasites, and microplastic by Microbiological Hollow Fiber Membrane, which is purified up to 0.2 Microns.

Apart from such contaminants Filter Removes turbidity of water like cloudiness in the water, Sand, and Silt from water.

The flow rate of the filtration process is 3 liters per minutes. And Hollow Fiber Filter Lifetime is 1000 Gallons, about 4000 liters is purifies water through the little straw through the filter. And Filteration is powered by suction.

Authentic laboratories approve hollow Fiber Filter and get the standard certification from them, and this certification is based on the quality validation and testing of the filtered water. LifeStraw is tested independently and rigorous testing to meet with the standard.

LifeStraw Water Filter is tested in the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and the National Sanitation Foundation(NSF), which is based in Vietnam. These laboratories are behind the testing of all LifeStraw all product, Not just testing, but it gets the Standard Certification on water purification quality.

US EPA Standard, they got for protozoa reduction and bacterial prevention. Also, LifeStraw Water Filter is got the certification of standard testing protocols from US EPA, ASTM, and NSF.

Features of the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter System

We have seen just highlights of the elements in the above section. Further, we will feature in brief.

Lifespan of LifeStraw

1000 Gallons of water is the ability to filter in the whole lifespan, and it means 4000 liters water filter by the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. It removes all contaminants and purifies the water into drinkable safe water.

If you are using this filter while tracking hiking and traveling purpose, then for 5 years nothing happens with the LifeStraw. 4000 Liters water is more than the average person that drinks water in the whole year.

Filter Technology

To purify water, it needs the filter. In LifeStraw Water Filter, Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology is used. This filter is rigorously tested, and it gets the standard protocol certification from US EPA, ASTM, and NSF.

Hollow Fiber Filter helps you to purify water during outdoor activities. With LifeStraw you will get safe water when you are going for an outing.

Ultra-Light Weight

You can put in your backpack, in your cargo pent and take with you anywhere. Only 2 Oz weight of the Filter doesn’t block much space in your bag. When your packaging then doesn’t worry about the packing of the LifeStraw Water Filter, It Saves your area and not create any additional burden on you.

Easy to carry with the lase, you can tie up with your hand too. You can also tie up externally on your backpack and lugging bag also.

Where to use

Sometimes you are on the trip and where you don’t get easily potable purify drinking water. At that time you have to find natural water resources, To stand up the LIfeStraw in it and then it gives you safe drinking water.

From any drinkable sources, you can fill the LifeStraw and get the safe water from it. You can deep this filter into the streams, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and Ponds. With LifeStraw you will get the safe drinking water from anywhere.

Easy to Use

You can get filter water with few steps, First thing you need to uncape LifeStraw from both ends. Open the caps. Now Stand it in the river, ponds or wherever water source which is nearby you.

Stand it for 20 seconds and then you need to sip for five times with your mouthpiece. That’s it, and you have your filtered water. Whether it is Pond, River, Lakes, and Streams, you can use LifeStraw Water Filter to get safe drinking water.


You don’t know when a crisis comes to knock the door. At that time LifeStraw Plays Very Handy role. Smaller in size, You fit it anywhere in your lugging things. 4000 Liters capacity means it is like LifeStraw is never expired.

If any natural disaster or emergency occurs then what to do if you are running away from the potable water, at that time if you have LifeStraw is available then you can put up in any water resources and get drinkable water.

Once you get any emergency warning, then LifeStraw makes the place in your emergency kits.

Removes Contaminant

Aim of the LIfeStraw Personal Water Filter to make water drinkable and safe. It eliminates bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Vibrio Cholerae, and Salmonella Typhi. Parasites such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia Lamblia.

You have full credit to fill water from any safe water sources, and then it removes such as contaminants water and makes filtered water.

Product Specification

LifeStaw Weight is the 1.62 oz (0.10 Labs), and Lenght is 9 by 1.2 Inches. It means with the tiny size of the Water Filter You can take Anywhere.

LifeStraw Comes up with the Hollow Fiber Microfiltration Membrane, and This water filter technology removes contaminant up to 0.2 Microns.

Filter Lifetime is around 1000 Gallons, But it depends on you. You need to clear the clog by every filtration session. With every water filter blow air and cleans it up. When sip and water filter is not able to pass the water through it, then understand that water filter is expired now.

LifeStraw is material is Recyclable and BPA Free Materials. When LIfeStraw Filter is expired, then experts are there for process recycle the material. Product is not integrated with the replaceable parts. Use it, Wait during expiry and throw it.

LIfeStraw Water Filter is come up with the Bottom Cap, Mouthpiece Cap, and Detachable Lanyard.

User Manual is Keeps in the package, and User Manual is available in the English, Chinese, German and French Language.  It Includes the What is LifeStraw, How to Use, How To Clean. All relatable information about LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.

Within the Range of the International Shipping Countries which are listed on the Amazon, IF you live in one of that company, then you will get it.

Average Rating on the Amazon Site for LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is around 4.5 star out 5 Star.

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If we talk about the bestselling rank then Number one in the Camping and Hiking Water Filters and Number 4 In Sports and Outdoors Water Filter.

Question and Answer Related to Customer Reviews

When you put some bucks for the product that you want to buy then as a customer and concerned with the money is must spend on the right things. In the head, there is lots of Question. You want to know A to Z about the product. Here we provide you some Questions and Answer, So you can directly relate there and make a mind for LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.

  1. LifeStraw Removes Chemical Toxins?

A Big NO. It is not removed chemical toxins which are contaminated in the water. Also, it does not exclude human waste from water.  One recommendation if you don’t know about the water flow is chemically contaminated or not. Prefer Moving Water to Filter with the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Water which is contaminated with active growth of algae and scum, stay away from it.

2. Can we use LifeStraw from Sea Water?

You can not make Sea Water drinkable by using the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Because filter won’t remove salt from the Seawater, so it is not unsafe to drink seawater even it is passed through the filter. If you think as you will add this Product on Yacht Emergency kit, then it is a bad idea.

3. What if I did not use it for five years?

First thing, if you are not planning to filter for 5 years, then why would you invest in it? Just side it, and LifeStraw is tested like this way. Without any detectable deterioration. The lifespan of the Water filter is based on gallons, and it filters out a minimum of 1000 Gallons.

4. It filters out low-level radiation which contaminated from tap water?

NO, it does not remove radiation from tap water. If you want to remove pollution, then there are lots of radiation products are there on Amazon. You can purchase it.

Call to Action

Yes, It time to call an action, We are going to tell you bye-bye now. If you were planning for any trip, then LifeStraw Should be your handy partner in terms of health and safety of the body. Otherwise, you can use it during emergencies and natural disasters. Bui it and filter it until the filter system says no to water to pass through it.

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