Best Natural Alkaline Water Sources To Know About

Have you ever wondered that there are some of the best natural alkaline water sources available to us? Yeah, we even consume them but are not familiar with those sources. So, in this article, we’ve explained those natural alkaline water sources for you.

As all of you must have heard of the Alkaline Water, yeah, as it is the growing trend to drink alkaline water. Most people, as well as athletes, drink alkaline water to support their healthy lifestyle.

There are many health benefits of drinking alkaline water, which is the reason behind most people drinking it. Alkaline water is pure and free from all types of impurities. Therefore people choose to drink alkaline water rather than drinking from tap water.

Everyone can be able to drink alkaline water as there is no such thing as only athletes and sports players drink alkaline water.

There is no doubt that alkaline water will be able to provide you energy to stay active throughout the day. It will provide you a boost of refreshing energy that will last for the entire day. Everyone must begin drinking alkaline water for better health growth.

Most people are getting more aware of the health benefits of drinking alkaline water rather than drinking tap water.

There are so many diseases that cause due to the drinking of polluted water. So drinking water also plays an essential role in causing severe conditions and sickness. Therefore you will have to worry about your body’s health if you are drinking tap water at your home. The tap water contains so many impurities and heavy metals such as lead, sulfide, copper, chloramine, etc.

All these impurities will have the potential to make you sick, really sick. It also contains many harmful fluorides that will be able to weaken your immune system.

When your immune system is not in good shape, then your body is open to any virals, sicknesses, and diseases. It becomes vulnerable to any conditions that might affect the person severely.

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If you are drinking tap water, then you must stop it as soon as possible because it is not beneficial for you as well as your family member’s health. So you have to find another way for drinking water that will not harm the health of the body.

You can have the option to drink alkaline water instead of drinking tap water or any mineral water. Therefore you will be able to drink safe, pure, and clean alkaline water that is beneficial to your health. It is free from contaminants and impurities, so it will not harm you in any possible way.

Drinking alkaline water regularly will help you in having a better immune system. As a result, there will be fewer chances of causing sickness and diseases due to drinking impure and contaminated tap water every day.

You must not have to worry about it at all if you do not know anything about Alkaline Water because we are here to help you in every possible way. We will provide you the information about what alkaline water is and every essential information that will help you in knowing more about alkaline water. Therefore you will have a more clear idea about the salty water and its benefits.

Also, you will know the alkaline drinks from which you will be able to get the alkaline solvents. If you are doing regular exercise, then drinking alkaline water will be able to help you with that also.

Many people are drinking alkaline water as it is consists of antioxidants that will help in the activity that you are performing while exercising. Alkaline water will act as an energy drink for those who are playing in any sports game.

Well, you must also know that if you are not accustomed to drinking alkaline water. Then you must ask your family doctor or physician for your sake of knowledge

. Most people are afraid of trying the new pool as they think that maybe drinking alkaline water may have some side effects. But let me assure you that drinking alkaline water is beneficial for your health.

If you are not sure about drinking alkaline water, then you should consult with your doctor. Also, you must start drinking alkaline water slowly step by step. Suppose if you are drinking ordinary tap water regularly for years now, then it will be a little difficult for your body to gain the habit of drinking alkaline water.

So you must start drinking a short amount of alkaline water every day, and then you must increase the amount after 3-4 days of drinking individually amount.

Best Natural Alkaline Water Sources With Artificial Option

Before we began with the best alkaline water sources, let’s understand the term alkaline water first.

What is Alkaline Water?

You all must have heard about the pH scale of any liquid solution in high school. Every liquid solution has its different pH range that is based on the alkalinity of the solution. The pH scale is the one thing that can be useful to determine whether the substance is alkaline or not.

If the content is chemical, then you can know how it will affect your body. The pH level stands neutral at the seven pH range. While above seven pH levels, all the solvents are alkaline, and below seven pH, all the solutions are basic or non-alkaline.

The alkaline in the term alkaline water directly refers to the pH scale. If you do not know what pH stands for, then let me tell you. pH stands for Potential of Hydrogen. So whenever you read the term pH, then you must know that it represents the potential of hydrogen.

One can be able to know whether the liquid is acidic or not. So liquids that have a low pH level are more acidic than the juice that has a high pH level.

Pure water that has no contaminants and naturally extracted has a scale of 7 pH. Suppose any liquid like vinegar or coffee is acidic liquids with pH lower than 7. pH higher than 7 are non-acidic like liquid soda and baking soda. The liquid solutions that have a pH of 8 to 8.5 are healthy for your body.

Researchers believe that alkaline water is more beneficial to health, so one must drink it in case of any health problems.

Whenever you consume any food, then your stomach will be acidic at that time. The acidic solution of your stomach will help in the process of digestion. But sometimes when the food is digested properly, and still the acidic solution remains in your stomach, then you will feel slight acidity in your stomach.

When you drink alkaline water, then it will help you in relieving you from the bitterness and ease your pain. The salty water will help in neutralizing the acidity in the body. It also helps in increasing the energy levels, slow down the aging of the skin, and boosts the immune system. The alkaline water will make your immune system better so that it can prevent your body from any severe diseases and sickness.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, this alkaline water will help you in losing weight and detoxification of the body. It also cleanses the colon, rejuvenates the skin, and provides healthy muscle and joints. The alkaline water will help to prevent you from various severe and severe diseases, including cancer.

You will be able to get all the benefits of alkaline water by drinking it every day. If you do not drink it regularly, then it will impact somewhat less on the better growth of your body. So if you want all the health benefits that alkaline water provides, then you need to begin drinking alkaline water.

As you do not know any more about alkaline water. Let me tell you that the salty water will also be able to benefit those people who are suffering from High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Thyroid when the alkaline water will neutralize the acid in the bloodstream. So you will have better blood circulation and better flow of oxygen in the blood cells.

Drinking alkaline water will also help you fight acid reflux disease and eliminate it from the roots. You must also need to know about natural alkaline water and artificial alkaline water as there are two types of alkaline water available. The difference between natural and chemical water is given below.

Difference Between Best Natural & Artificial Alkaline Water

Well, as you know, there are two types of alkaline water. They are natural and artificial alkaline water according to their kind of creation. If we talk about alkaline water, then it is also known as synthetic alkaline water or artificially alkalinized water.

Synthetic alkaline water is nothing but the alkaline water made from the alkaline water ionizer or filter. The alkaline water machine will convert impure tap water into alkaline water. It will remove all the impurities that the tap water does have and will add the essential minerals that will help in the better growth of your health.

The alkaline machine that will convert impure tap water into alkaline water uses the electrolysis process in order to do so. Therefore the alkaline water machine is also known as the electronic ionizer. You can experience the great taste and have a better healthy life using it regularly.

The alkaline water machine will operate based on the electrolysis principle. You must know that every element has positive and negative ions inside it. That is the same thing in the drinking water. So alkaline water ionizer will ionize the water by passing the electric current through the water.

There are two numbers of plates placed in the machine. The plates are made up of metals such as titanium and platinum.

When the current passes through the water, the water molecules split up and moves towards the metallic plates. This process will result in to exchange of positive and negative ions between the titanium plates and platinum plates. So it will force the water molecules to raise their alkalinity state. So the electronic ionizers will be able to provide you the alkaline water with more pH level that is helpful to you in the body’s healthy growth.

The artificial alkaline water is just the filtered water that has an increased pH range. You know that water has a neutral pH that is 7. So the alkaline water machine will electrically ionize the water and raise its pH level from 7 to 9 or 12 or 13.

The maximum pH that water can rise is up to 14 levels of alkalinity. So you must drink alkaline water that has a pH above pH level 8. You will be able to experience the soothing taste and various benefits of alkaline water by purchasing the alkaline water machine or alkaline water ionizers.

You can buy alkaline water ionizers from the online as well as offline market. There are many alkaline water ionizers currently available in the market. But you need to make sure that you only purchase the alkaline water ionizer that you think is best suitable for you.

There are some types of soluble powders and filters that alkaline water machines use. Some people have some issues in using the alkaline water machines because their bodies are not compatible with the powder or cleaner than several alkaline water machines use. So what they should do is drink the alkaline water that is produced naturally.

Natural alkaline water is just the water usually derived from natural resources due to the natural environment around the pool. When the rainwater flows down the mountain spring, then it will become naturally alkaline water.

The water will flow through the gaps between the mountain rocks. When the water rubs against the rocks and earth, it will absorb several minerals and nutrients that will automatically increase the pH of water. Thus the water will become more alkaline. Natural alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 8.5, which is best.

Well, you can not have the subjective experience of drinking alkaline water if you are not living near any mountain or rivers that provides natural alkaline water. So you must have to go to the grocery store that has bottles containing natural alkaline water. You can also have the option to make natural alkaline water on your own with the help of some specific methods.

Alkaline Drinks – Best Artificial Alkaline Water Source

As we have said earlier that we will provide you information about alkaline drinks that you can enjoy. These drinks will be able to offer you sufficient alkalinity that will help you in the better health of your body. When you are exercising, then your body will release lactic acid at that time. So with the help of these alkaline drinks, you will be able to neutralize the acidity of your body.

The alkaline beverages will have a pH of more than 7. So you must know that all the glasses that are available here are alkaline. Let us have a look at these alkaline drinks.

Almond Milk – Easily Accessible Natural Alkaline Water

The best alternative to cow’s milk is Almond Milk, but you will not find it on any dairy farms. The almond milk provides you all the benefits that the almond dry-fruit will provide. Because almond milk is derived from the seeds of almonds only.

It does contain Vitamin E and Riboflavin. You will be able to swap the skim milk with the almond milk when you are making a coffee brew in the early morning. But you must make sure that the almond milk that you purchase does contain natural sweeteners, not artificial sweeteners. Because artificial sweeteners are not beneficial to your health.

Lemonade – One Of The Best Natural Alkaline Water

The lemonade can be beneficial to your health as it contains a significant amount of Vitamin C. It also has a large amount of potassium and folate that will help in better growth of your health. Lemonade can be made using ordinary water as well as alkaline water.

If you want to have a bitter lemonade drink, then you should grab a chilled alkaline water bottle. Then you have to cut a slice of lemon and drink this healthy lemonade slowly. You will get several benefits if you are drinking lemonade that is made from alkaline water.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best alkaline drink that consists of several vitamins and minerals. Most people choose to drink coconut water during their vigorous work-out. Drinking coconut water will help in nourishing your body and will provide energy that lasts throughout the day.

It contains Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Calcium, Electrolytes, Sodium, and Dietary Fiber. So you must drink this naturally sweetened energy alkaline drink that will help you in healthy growth.

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Herbal Tea

You can enjoy this alkaline drink throughout the year, whether it is winter, summer, or monsoon. It will surely provide you pleasurable experience whether you drink it hot or cold. Adding ginger to this herbal tea will be able to offer you several extra benefits.

Drinking this herbal alkaline tea will help you with digestive problems, appetite loss, as well as motion sickness. It will also reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water, as you all know now, is one of the healthiest drinks that you can drink anywhere anytime. It will provide you many benefits that will help you to lead a happy and healthy life. The alkaline water does not contain any impurities and heavy metals, as well as any contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, aluminum, copper, lead, etc.

Alkaline water does contain iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. essential minerals that your body needs for healthy growth. So most people choose this alkaline drink over several other alkaline beverages. Alkaline water has a balanced pH range that will be helpful to every user that drinks this alkaline water.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to get all the essential information about alkaline water and its benefits. It is sure that you will now be able to get the most out of drinking alkaline water. Due to so many benefits, most people choose to drink alkaline water over normal filtered water. So you will just have to make sure to use alkaline water for drinking purposes.

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