PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill RF-9999 review

PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill RF-9999 review

PUR MineralClear is a Filter Replacement Refill, Which you can use it in the Faucet Filters in your Kitchen. PUR is leading Contaminant Removal Faucet Refill, and It is a fierce competitor in contaminant removal if we compare it with the Brita Pitchers.

Easily you can replace the filter without any professional Plumber. You can change it on your own. You can change PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill with any PUR Faucet Filtration System.

AQUA CREST RF-9999 Water Filter, Compatible with Pur RF-9999 Faucet Replacement Water Filter
AQUA CREST RF-9999 Water Filter, Compatible with Pur RF-9999 Faucet Replacement Water Filter

A Lifetime of the PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill is 100 gallons. You can filter out 100 gallons of water in Faucet Filter. It takes I think 2 to 3 months. Whichever times come first, 100 Gallons of water or 2 to 3 months, change the filter and getting mineral water again. For all contaminant removal, PUR has certification.

Over 40 Years of PUR Provides Water Filtration System Certified to reduce contaminants from water, and you will get crisp test water from tap water. If we compare it with bottled water, then you can save up to $1000 per year.

PUR is a leading water filter, faucet filter, replacement filter, dispenser provider and it stands in the top of the brands such as Amana, Berkey, ZeroWater, Brita, Sawyer, Culligan, Soma, Aqaugear, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Aquasana. It is Experienced in to provide clean and filtered healthy water with PUR’s MineralClear Technology.

Manufacturer of the PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill is PUR. The dimension of the Water Filter Refill is 11.5 x 3.8 x 9 inches. Weight of the Filter is 2.35 Pounds. If you check the rank of the Water Filter Refill in Amazon, check Tools and Home Improvement is included in the top 100. And get Number 7 in Replacement Water Filter.

The good thing about the Your can use PUR Refill is Compatible with any PUR Filtration System. About 3 months you can use them in any filtration system, and then you can replace it.

Premium Triple Action Filter is used certified in the Contamination Removal.

Filter Technology of PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill

PUR Replacement Filter uses a MAXION Technology, Which is different to as compare to other filtration System.

From outside your municipal water supply and tap water looks like a clear, but it has many contaminants are remains in it. And that Micro Contaminants Needs to Remove. And MAXION helps to remove these contaminants.

Do you know from where these contaminants are mixed up in the Water Supply? Your tap water comes through the Municipal Installed Pipeline, and Through this pipeline, the contaminant is mixed up in the water. Heavy Metals Contaminants, Bacterial Contaminants are mixed up in from the pipe. So at that time, you can directly attach faucet filter with the tap, and it gives you filtered water.

MAXION Filter is approach Blending Carbon Filter and ion exchange filter. Blending Carbon Filter is uses to heavy metal and large contaminant removal, while ion-exchange remove small bacterial contaminants from the water. Both of this Approach are integrated into one MAXION Filter.

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Now, the next portion lets see PUR Filter Works.

Now you know that PUR MIneralClear Water Filter uses MAXION Technology For filtration process and it uses Blending Carbon and ION Exchange Filtration.

PUR Water Filters use an Activated Carbon Filter, and Activated Carbon is not new. Carbon Filters are used to remove organic compounds and pollutants from water. Debris such as dust, dirt, and environmental pollutants from water.

You Coconut Shell is used to made Activated Carbon Filters, and these filters are Heat Treated with the Stream. Per Gram of Carbon, it creates a 1000 Square meters of surface area. Also, it creates tunnels and spaces where carbon particles are passed through. With each Grain of carbon, it produces the pores.

It Creates Around 200,000 Square Feet of Nooks and Carbon Particles are trap into that tunnel, Crannies are absorbed there, and contaminants are trapped into tunnels. Water is Filtered through the Coconut Shell Carbon Filters, and then Water is Passes through the ION Exchange, and the end results it will give you Clean Filtered Water.

How to Change Replacement Filters in Faucet Filters?

You need to follow some necessary steps to change PUR MineralClear Filter Refill to Faucet Filters. Below levels are helps you to change the filter.

Step – 1: the First operation is performed on the faucet filters. You need to Unscrew Cap of the water filter.

Step – 2: From Faucet Filter Eject the Water Filter.

Step – 3: Now, Insert New Filter into the Faucet Filter.

Step – 4: Change / Replace the cap of the Filter and Start the flow of the water for the first five minutes. After five minutes of discharge, you can take this water in use of Drinking, Cooking.

Use Genuine Water Filter and PUR Faucet so you will have a complete kit of the Water Filter and get guaranteed result in a water filter.

Which Contaminants removed by using PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill?

Faucet replacement filter removes over 70 Contaminants from water and certified from it. IT Removes 96% of Chlorine from the water and provides you high tasting water. It removes 99% of Lead, 96% of Mercury, 99% of Industrial pollutants, 96% of Pharmaceuticals, 99% Of Cyst, 92% of Pesticides.

It is certified in all of these contaminants removal. After filtration, you will get natural minerals and great tasting of water. Also, it is certified in the 10X Contaminant Removal, and it is more than Brita Pitchers.

PUR Removes Disinfection By-Products Like Total Trihalomethanes, Class 1 Particulates, Microorganisms Microbial Cysts, Industrial Pollutants like DEET, Benzene, Chlorobenzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Dichlorobenezene, Tetrachloroethylene, TCEP, TCPP, Asbestos, and 33 VOCs.

Pesticides and Herbicides such as Alachlor, Atrazine, Endrin, Linuron, Chlordane, Carbofuran, Linuron, Metalachlor, Simazine, Texaphene. Pharmaceuticals Such as Meprobamat, Carbamazepine, Atenolol, Trimethoprim. Industrial Chemicals like Nonyl Phenol and BPA.

All of these contamination removal filtration system is certifies by WQA and NSF.

Features of PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill

Let’s look into features in brief. If you buy it, then what will you get from PUR?

Maxion Filter Technology in Filter

This Filter Technology creates a difference than other filter technology. It integrated with the ION Exchange Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. It Helps you to Remove Organic Contaminants and Pollutants from water.

Contamination Removal

For all contamination removal PUR having a certification from NSF and WQA Standard. Average Contamination removal from water is 98%.

Fit at any filter

You Can use PUR MineralClear Filter Replacement Faucet Refill in any of Faucet Filter. With necessary steps to install Faucet Filter.


CleanSensor is the Monitor that indicates when the filter needs replacement. It is integrated with the RED Light, and When it is Blinking you, It notifies to change the filter.

Now, we are moving on some facts, and when you are buying PUR Water Filtration Refill, then it helps directly or indirectly to others.

There is some survey about the current water supply system infrastructure in the USA.

  • PUR Water Filter is Meets with the EPA Standard.
  • When you applied to repair cost and prevent it from being fixed.
  • As per the Survey in the USA, If Water Infrastructure project is bid for Replace it, then it needs $384.2 Billion.
  • America Drinking Water Grade is “D,” which is given by the American Society of Civil Engineer.
  • In Water infrastructure, there is lead gained in unlimited dosage, and it is impossible to remove from water.
  • 4 Millon People have exposed to High Level of Lead. And it is harmful to people.

When You use the PUR Water Filtration System, you will indirectly help the environment.

  • When you use PUR Water Filtration, it is equivalent to the 3000 16.9 OZ Disposable Water Bottle. Without any Environmental Bear, you can use the PUR Water Filter.
  • 38 Billion Disposable Water Bottles are thrown away by each year, think about it if you use PUR Filtration then how it is effective in the environmental cycle.
  • Annually, 1.5 Millon tons of plastic is produced to create water bottle production.
  • Annually, 17 Million Barrels of oil made for the production of a plastic water bottle.
  • 2.5 Millions of CO2 is Created for water bottle production per annum.
  • One bottle needs three times of water to which is filled in the bottle. Think how much water is wasted to make these plastic bottles.

When it comes to replacement of plastic bottle, then what is the better than PUR Filtration System. So Prefer home filtration system rather than a plastic water bottle.

In Above Portion, We have seen that Lead not controllable in the water system of the USA. Lead is damaged our healthier body. So on, other contaminants are also harmful to the human body.

  • Due to chlorine in water, you are suffering from eye and nose irritation and etching.
  • Lead Can Cause Mental Disabilities in Children.
  • Mercury in Water Leads you to Kidney Damage.
  • Microbial Cysts can Cause Nausea, Diarrhea, and Cramps.

The PUR Water Filter removes all of this contamination. Including PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill.

When you Buy PUR Water Filter and use it for one year, and it is more affordable than 3 Weeks of Lattes, 2 Months of Bottled Water, 1.5 Hour Hot Stone Massage, 1 Dog Grooming Session, 1 Month of Gym Memberships.

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Question and Answer Related Product Review

As a customer, you want to know from head to feet about the product. Here we make some question/answer section, Where you can know about the product.

1. Is it compatible in Old White Plant Filter Housing?

Yes, You can use PUR MineralClear Faucet Refill in old white plant filter.

2. What is the Rate of the Filtration?

Water Pressure is Approximately 60 psi, For 1 Gallon Water Filtration it takes 1 Minute and 35 Seconds.

3. What to do when I unbox and showing Red Light?

Open Cover and remove the filter, Where mechanical Spring is loaded over the lever, and it is stuck so LIght blinking Contnutios you can see. Now, you have to Snap up from the lever manually.

4. When Red Light of Indicator changes into the Green Light?

When you replace the old filter, Lights will turn out in Green Light.

5. When do I need to change the filter?

When Greenlight of Indicator is Turn out to the Red light, Then you have to change the filter.

How to Contact PUR?

As a leading water filter producer, we have a talented and robust customer support team. So, here we provide you some contacts, by using it you can reach us.

Email us on [email protected] we will read all of the queries which have customer asked, and we will revert with the solution.

Call us on 1 800 787-5463 We open in Bussiness hours and business days.

For any Media Inquiries, you can use [email protected]

Exit Line

Thus, that’s how PUR  Faucet Replacement Filter works for Faucet Filter, Not only for Faucet Filter it works for an All PUR Water Filtration System. Certifications of various contamination removal are the proof why PUR is the leading brand of Filtration System.

PUR Filtration System has Latest Maxion Water Filter Technology, and When you use PUR Water Filter, it saves Environment. It saves environment form Plastic Disposable Bottle. Get PUR from Online Store and Save Environment as well as your health.

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