Samsung Da29-00020b-1P DA29-00020b Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Da29-00020b-1P DA29-00020b Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Da29  is Side by Side Refrigerator Water Filter. You Can use Replacement Filter in Side By Side Fridge Door, French Door. Generally, Filter Points are integrated beside ICE and Water Dispenser. The filter gives you Contaminant-Free Ice Along Safe Great Testing Water.

Samsung Da29 is an imported replacement part. Before clicking on “Add to cart” match your refrigerator model with Replacement Filter. You have to check the compatibility of the model, whether it is supported in your Refrigerator model or not.

Waterdrop DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Samsung
Waterdrop DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Samsung

After that, you can use Water Filter in Your Refrigerator to get chilled water, safe and great tasting water for drinking and cooking. It removes potential sentiments that are in the range of the contaminant removal capacity.

In Samsung Da29, you will get Genuine Samsung Filter Parts. The filter comes up with the Latest technology in the Filtration System. High-Graded Carbon Block is removed around 99% of health-related harmful contaminants from water and give you Freshwater. And choose the Genuine part, You can see on the package there Genuine Water Filter Sticker, select it and avoid the risk of Water Refrigerator Risk.

Replacement Water Filter is certified with NSF Standard. After Rigouriously Testing of the Water, All Samsung Product is certified in 42 and 53 Standard. Also, it is a top-ranked product in Amazon Market. Remains at number 20 in the category of Tools and Home Improvement, While it remains in the at Number 8 In Refrigerator Water Filters.

There is an Offer if you want to subscribe replacement water filter. You can save $30 in a year. We give you an offer of 6-Month Auto-Renewal Subscription where you can save $15 on Each Water Filter.

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Product Specification

The dimension of the Samsung Da29 Refrigerator Water Filter is 2.13 X 2.13 X 8.86 Inches, and Product Weight is the 0.56 lbs. And 300 Gallons of Capacity of Water Filter. From Official Sites of the Product, You can see which models are fitted with the Refridgerator Replacement Filter.

You can Easily Unlock and Lock Water Filter while indicator says your filter needs to replace.

What to do to Unlock used Water filter from filter point?

Whenever Refirdgerator Indicator indicates for filter replacement at that time, you have to change the filter.

What to do to increase the fan speed of fridge cooling speed. In Refrigerator Filter Point you can see Unlock Sign. Turn filter into Unlock Sign and Pull it back your side. You will get the filter in your hand.

What to do to Insert/Lock Water filter from filter point?

First thing you know that you have to unbox the filter and remove the package from filter port.

In Filter, you can see Arrow, and In the refrigerator, you can see lock point. So turn Clockwise and match both in a single line. Lock Sign and Paralally it is matched up.

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That’s how you can easily pull off and push in the filter in the refrigerator water filter. You can see the video to remove and insert a New replacement filter in the refrigerator.

Which Contaminant Samsung Da29 Removes?

Samsung Da29 Removes about 99% Contaminants from water. With using HIgh-Grade Carbon filter, it reduces almost all contaminants that are health-related. Potentially Harmful Contaminants are remains in the Municipal Water Which need to mitigate, and it removes from it. We will see one by which contaminants it removes and how much it removes from water?

Microbial Cysts

Cryptosporidium is most commonly found contaminants from water. Microbial Cysts Such as Parasites are located in the rivers and lake water. These contaminants have stayed longer in the water, and it needs to filter out as soon as you get the supply of the water.

For most of the disinfectants, it is work like resistance. It won’t reduce quickly from the water. It takes time to reduces. It Concentrated with the Chlorine and made a bond with the Chlorine and stays longer in the water. For Microbial Cysts removal Samsung Da29 is an excellent choice to reduce.

Heavy Metals and Chemicals

Lead, and Mercury like Heavy metals are only found in the industrial contaminate water sources. Apart from all, it is more harmful to the water. More toxics are mixed up in the Industrial Contaminants, and Water Sues from where industrial water sources to supply in municipal water supply then it needs to remove. And Samsung Da29 filters around 99% of Heavy Metals from Water.

High Toxics Water and Infiltrate Water are created many health problems, so for that, you need a better filter system resource. At that time you can look out for Samsung Da29 Refridgerator Water Filter.

Chlorine Taste and Odor

Chlorine is good from cleaning water, but above a particular stage, it creates health-related problems. To control the Chlorine level, you need to filter for water purification. Due to high consumption chlorine in water tastes terrible and produces bad odor like rotten eggs.

Samsung Da29 Reduces the Chlorine odor and tastes from water and gives you great tasting water. You can fit with the freezer, and it reduces the scent and taste of the Ice Cubes also. You will get Clear Tasting Water Cubes from the water.

Samsung Da29-00020b-1P DA29-00020b Refrigerator Water Filter 1

How to check the filter part is genuine or not?

You know that Samsung Da29 is used genuine filter parts. And if you want to check it is legitimate or not you can compile one test to check the filter is legitimate or not.

Step – 1: When you Unpack the Filter, On the Backside of the filter, you will get the authentication tag from the filter. Detach it from there.

Step – 2: With the filter kit, Samsung Da29 provides a Magnet strip. Place Authentication Tag on the magnet strip.

Step – 3: Few Moments, you will get the Vertical Green Lining In the Authentication Tag. This shows that Samsung Da29 Filter is Authentic and Genuine Samsung Filter Part.

For Genuine Part, Samsung gives you Authenticity and Guarantee for their filter parts. There are many filter parts which are compatible with the Samsung refrigerator, but you have to check it before applying, Sometimes Emitations is harmful, and you would be trapped in the lower price. So in your Refridgerator use Genuine as well as Compatible filter parts.

Features of Samsung Da29 Replacement Water Filter

We will see a brief about the Samsung Da26 Refridgerator Water Filter.

Subscription for Water Filter

Subscribe the filter and get a discount of up to $15 on each of the filters. Generally, Filter needs to change every 6 months. For that, you have to subscribe to an auto-renewal for filter parts. And Save $30 in a year.

Uses Samsung Genuine Filter Parts

You know how to test genuine Samsung filter parts. So Replace Refrigerator filter parts with the Genuine and Compatible Filter parts. With the use of Genuine Filter parts, you can avoid damage the water refrigerator.

Fresh Filtered Water anytime

Samsung Da29 Filter is available for both Samsung Side by Side and French Door  Refridgerator. You can use it for Water and Ice Dispenser in the refrigerator. It is Equipped with the Water Filteration System of the Fridge and get fresh, chilled and filtered water anytime.

You Can Also fit with the Samsung Pitcher, But make sure it is compatible with the model. Also, you can put it outside or inside the refrigerator. For both places, it is guaranteed for contamination removal.

Contamination Removal Certification

Samsung Water Filter is genuine parts as well as it is rigorously tested and certified from the accredited laboratories. It gets the NSF Certificate for contamination removal. Also, it is a recommendation Water filter by Non-governmental organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Environmental Protection and From safety standard organizations.

Also, you can check the authenticity of the certification which has got the Samsung Da29 Water Filter Refridgerator water filter. These Certificates are Worldwide recognized for water safety.

Easy Installation

You can easily remove and insert from Samsung Da29 Refridgerator. By Twist and turn, you can perform this operation.

With Gentle push and left-turn filter, Unlock it and Remove from Filter Point of the refrigerator. Now Opposite operation, you have to perform to insert the filter into the filter point. Insert it, Gentle Push and then turn right it. That’s how you can insert and remove the filter.

Replacement Light Indicator

This feature is integrated into the Refrigerator, not in the filter. But for all compatible filter parts, it is working. Generally, Blinkable LED lights and Digital Panel screen indicator is integrated with the refrigerator.

When it times to replacement of the water filter, RED LED light is blinking, or you can see “REPLACE” on the digital screen of the refrigerator.

With Filter Kit, Samsung Gives you a Monthly Reminder Stricker which you can use it to stick on the filter. It will indicate to you how many months is remaining to replace the filter part. You have to follow first come first replace scheme in replacement of the filter. 600 Gallos or 6 Months of the Filter, Whichever comes first you have to replace right there.

Save Plastic

Think about like, When you are using Samsung Da29 and get 600 Gallons of Filter Water, For that how many plastic bottles you have to save it. You are indirectly helpful in the caravans of the environment saving. Plastic takes lots of years to reuse or completely remove from the environment. That’s we need to find alternatives that do not use a plastics bottle. And this is the best alternative, I think.

Handy Kit

When you purchase Samsung Da29 Filter, it comes up with the many relatable and useful items. There items such as Indicator Sticker, Which you can use it to set a reminder of replacement. To check the Filter part is genuine or not, Kit has Testing Stripes for the filter. Specification kit is also attached in the online market where the product is listed, and you can refer to the listed compatible models refrigerator.

Samsung Da29-00020b-1P DA29-00020b Refrigerator Water Filter 1

How to Contact Samsung?

If you find any difficulties while using the Samsung product, then you can reach us in many ways. Here there are.

You can directly call us, and We have pro customer support staff, they will clear your query. Schedule a timing, and we are on call for 24X7. The toll-free number is 1-800-726-7864.

You can get Online Support from us. Connect Samsung in your Mobile, Computer, and Tablet Devices. You can chat with us, Get Remote Support.

We can connect socially, so join our community in Socia Media and Take parts in Conversation with the Experts of Samsung Product.

As per your convenience, you can schedule a home service. Samsung Engineer visits your home and then it will repair your problem. For that, you have to create or login to the Samsung Official Account.

Final Destination

We have done with the praise and all of the review points of the Samsung Da29 Refrigerator Water Filter. Let’s take a fresh look at which topics we had covered in the review article.

We have started with the Basic Introduction of the Samsung Da29 Water Filter, and Then We are moving on to the Product Specifications and then How to Remove and Filter when replacement time comes.

How many Contaminants does it remove? How to check filter part it genuine or not? Brief features of the Water filter. And the Support line, If you find any difficulty about the product then how to reach Samsung? You don’t have to drive there, but there is some online, email help and phone call is listed there.

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