Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Review

Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Review

Do you need safe and accessible drinking water at home? You need the Seychelle portable micro-filtration system available in a pitcher-style to provide you this and more.

The water filter pitcher removes impurities from pollutants, heavy metals, to pesticide present in tap water. Furthermore, it helps balance the pH level providing you with great tasting water enriched with minerals to drink and use.

Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Included - New Design with better water flow and less plastic
Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Included – New Design with better water flow and less plastic

The pitcher you can use with chlorinated and disinfected water supplies as well. However, is this all that the Seychelle water filter pitcher can do? No there is more so if you want to make sure the water filters made for your needs read the review here.

Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters:

The Seychelle Pitcher has an entirely different style compared to other brands on the market. The water filtration and flow are 33% better compared to most other models available in its class. With the water decanter, you can hold up to 200-gallons of water and impressive.

Seychelle has even pre-washed the filter for you. There are two filters present capable of handling 100-gallons each to maintain the quality of the water.

Further, the family size decanter has a five-stage filtration system stripping the water from harmful contaminants. The filter cartridge removes mercury, chlorine, lead, and fluoride making it a favorite in the market. The unit is FDA approved and made of BPA-free material.

Main Features

The Seychelle pitcher has some fantastic features offered making it one of the best water filter carafe available today.

  • With the double filtration system, it removes various contaminants and enhances the alkalinity up to 9.5pH
  • The filter cartridges filter up to 200-gallons and last up to four months before it needs replacing
  • The flow rate is 7.5-minutes to filter ½ -a gallon of water
  • All the parts are BPA-free, and FDA approved
  • The product is EPA/ANSI and NSF Certified
  • The capacity of the reservoir is 64-ounces or 0.5 gallons
  • The filter cartridge is pre-washed and includes a flash bulb
  • Comes with a sleek construction to fit in most fridge doors
  • Durable handle with a secure lid
  • 90-Day Guarantee

The lightweight construction makes it comfortable to handle and provides eight cups of clean water before you need to refill it. Alternatively, the handles well constructed and once the water flows through the filters, it is ready to drink. Another benefit is no spills or lids are coming off while pouring.

The most crucial thing using the pitcher is the water filtration system that leaves healthy minerals in tack. The only problem is you cannot use it with well water, rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Another, negative is it does not remove salt effectively and not recommend to use if you have water softener connected to the water supply.

With the dual filter cartridge, you can expect a lifespan of up to four months, and while stating they are pre-washed, you should flush them for safety again. This not only creates more micro-fissures it gives a better water flow as well. The maximum capacity of the pitcher is 64-ounces or 0.5 gallons.

Further, the carafe lid and tray have a BPA-free plastic construction, and you can wash it in the dishwasher.

What to Expect When Using the Seychelle Pitcher

When removing the water filter pitcher from the box, you need to remove the filters. You will have to wash the decanter, reservoir, and lid with mild soap water. The manufacturer recommends you do not clean the filters. Now you need to flush the filter cartridge with the flush bulb. Once done you screw the filters back to the bottom of the water tank and re-insert the reservoir.

The maintenance of the water pitcher is quick by always removing the filter cartridges before washing. The product fits comfortably in the door of the fridge. However, do not place it in the freezer or use it with hot or salt water. Furthermore, the filter cartridges are EPA/ANSI and NSF Certified.

Included you get a 90-day guarantee with two filter cartridges.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Has a fast filling rate with the two filters
  • BPA-free construction
  • FDA, EPA/ANSI, and NSF approved
  • Excellent filtration system that removes different contaminants and adds essential minerals back into the water
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Five-stage filtration system

Why Not Buy

  • You cannot use it with well, spring, river, or salt water
  • The filter cartridges get blocked easily

Customer Feedback

Reading the Seychelle filter pitcher reviews online leaves you feeling that consumers are more than pleased with the product. The people found it offers the best performance is the price range to give you clean water to drink. Furthermore, users found the filters improved the taste of tap water, and the portable design makes it simpler for you to use anywhere.

Seychelle Pitcher with Regular Dual Filters Review 1

There is a plastic flap covering the pour spout to prevent particles from entering the clean water and gives it a beneficial touch. While the filter cartridges do last a long time, the smaller sealed unit does slow down closer to three months of use. The biggest complaint is the replacement filters are expensive.

Should You Buy the Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher?

If you want to remove different particles in tap water and still have, beneficial minerals present the answer is yes. While the replacement filter cartridges are expensive, it still has a fast flowing purification rate. The decanter fills easily and comfortably fits into the fridge door without taking up to much space.

Furthermore, with the two filters, your water is ready to drink in minutes. However, you cannot use it with well or other hard water sources and only made to use with city water. The products approved by different important test labs such as the FDA, EPA/ANSI, and NSF making it a safe product to use at home.

Alternatively, if you do have the money to spend, you can always look at the other water filtration systems offered here.

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