Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review

Do you need a natural hard water treatment system to soften the water out of the tap? If you do, you can look at the Hard Water Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener. The unit has an eco-friendly construction and simple to use.

Triple Action Poly Salt Free Water Softener
Triple Action Poly Salt Free Water Softener

With the catalytic core and polyphosphate, it produces harmless aragonite and prevents limescale. The water softener is impressive and offers you a high-quality construction. The exterior is BPA-free plastic and comes with mounting brackets included. There are steel inlets and the designs compact.

The Build of the Hard Water Bullet

What makes the device so unique is that it is salt-free. With the waterproofing construction, you can install it outside without issues. The only problem you may find is during cold months and may freeze up. So you best make sure that you do not live in freezing areas to prevent this from happening.

Main Features

  • The maximum pressure is 145 PSI with a 30 GPM flow rate
  • The filtration surface area is 340 cm, and the filter height is 10-inches
  • The filter width is 4.5-inches, and it has a ½ -inch drain valve
  • Between the water in and out ports, it measures 6.5-inches
  • The filter housing diameter is 12- ¼ -inch and has a max working temperature of 140-degrees
  • The weight of the filter with polyphosphate crystals is 10.5 ounces
  • You receive mounting brackets, polyphosphate and two by male threaded installation nipples
  • The parts have a 5-year warranty

For it to work as described, you may also want to install it after a five-micron sediment filter. Even the aragonite crystals you can find available online and makes it one of the best water softeners you can find. The item weighs 4-pounds and available in a blue color.

For installing it, works with a one-inch pipe thread and has a 30 GPM flow rate with a maximum pressure of 140 PSI.

What Does The Natural Hard Water Treatment System Remove?

For you to have energizing water, the item works with a mixture of polyphosphate and a screen filter. What happens is it removes all the calcium carbonate from the water but still has the calcium intact.

However, there are two substances it does not remove chloramine and iron. The reason is the equipment is not a water filter. What makes the apparatus stand out is the salt-free technology and helps prevent limescale as mentioned in the beginning.

The water is softer when using the system, and for the best results makes sure that all the taps are clean during the installation.

What Can You Expect From the System?

So is the hard water softener worth buying? In our eyes yes, it functions decently for long hours of working without concerns. Further, the device has a six-month satisfaction guarantee. You will get a full refund on your purchase if returned, and all parts have a five-year warranty.

What Do You Get In the Set?

As mentioned previously you get a mounting bracket to make installation easier and stable. The female threads have a dimension of one inch and will need to get connectors. Another fantastic thing you can get replacement filters, but does not need replacing often. The critical thing to keep your eye on is the poly beads. You need to refill them once a year and has a lifespan of 10-months to a year at the most.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • You can install it inside or outside as long as the device does not freeze
  • Works with salt-free technology and no resin or cubic feet calculations
  • The calcium stays behind and removes the calcium carbonate making the water soft
  • Made with BPA-free plastic
  • All accessories are replaceable
  • Outstanding Warranty and Price

Why Not Buy

  • Does not remove chloramine and iron as it is not a filtration system. However, you do get some of them with one
  • You may need connectors as the inlets are 1-inch in diameter and female

Customer Feedback

When it comes to the Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Reviews, customers are pleased with the product. People who had black gunk accumulating on the shower curtains said it was a big help once installed. However, individual consumers said they did not find a difference in taste when drinking the water.

While installing the systems simple, some people found the installation tricky. One client mentioned, there is a mesh cylinder on the inside that fits into a ring at the bottom. You need to fill the tube with the beads and screw the body onto the top. The problem is the cylinder rests on the base and wobbles around when throwing in the beads.

With the minor complaints, the customer did get it right with some practice to prevent it from happening again. In general, the majority of reviews give you positive feedback related to the product.

Final Thoughts

Having water run through the taps treated with Hard Water Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener will leave you with more than just soft water. Your silverware, mirrors, cars, and plumbing fixtures will be cleaner and shinier. You will feel your skin is clean and smooth and reduces soap curd making your cleaning tasks a breeze.

Triple Action Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review 1

Think of it this way you will have no more clogged pipes, water spots, and detergents will dissolve in the water. Further, there will be no more scale buildup prolonging the use of water appliances. You will start saving energy costs when heating water and even your clothes will be softer with the device.

So get a more slick feeling in your shower with the salt-based water softener today. Alternatively, you will not need to add sodium and safer for the environment. Become eco-friendly now and get peace of mind that your family will be safe when using the water softener.

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